Make Messages Beautiful With Brand New App DeeMe

DeeMe is a brand new messaging app that’s exploded onto the scene with a multitude of exciting features that make instant messages more sophisticated and stylish than ever. Users can send filtered images with layered text and icons, combining words and pictures for a truly gorgeous interface – so you can make beautiful memories with beautiful messages!thumbnail (22)

The app blends the best elements of Instagram, Whatsapp, Snapchat and many of the other most popular messaging apps on the market today, with an added twist. Users can add their friends and send messages in image form, complete with beautiful typography and trendy icons. The images can be filtered to ensure everyone’s looking their best, and conversations can be had right over the top of images for the ultimate personalised messaging experience.

The app was test launched in Lithuania and catapulted to the number one spot on both Google Play and the App Store, and is currently used by 20,000 young people in that one country. Having rapidly gone viral, the app has its sights set on the rest of Europe

Frode Alver Nilsen, CEO of DeeMe says, “DeeMe is part of the up and coming next generation of messaging apps that are making aesthetics a top priority. We spend more time messaging on our phones now than ever before – why not make it a beautiful, stylish experience? The app offers all the functionality of other messaging apps, but with an added layer of effortless style, with a range of fonts and typographies to choose from, and plenty of editing options to get your messages looking exactly as you want them to.”

DeeMe is perfect for those who feel stifled by the plain text layout of Whatsapp, but don’t want their messages to have a time limit like those on Snapchat. As a more mature version of Snapchat, DeeMe allows artistic types and creative thinkers to compose visual messages, putting together stylish images and adding text to communicate with friends. There’s even video functionality, where users can send edited clips to their contacts, to really add a little va-va-voom to their message!

The app is available on and


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