Smartphone Sales Declined For the First Time in China

China has been a major contributor to economic growth and low global inflation. Investors around the globe are catching their breath after one of the worst day’s trading in many years. This is also reflected in the technology space which is extended to smartphone sales. Android's Year-Over-Year Growth...
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Make Messages Beautiful With Brand New App DeeMe

DeeMe is a brand new messaging app that’s exploded onto the scene with a multitude of exciting features that make instant messages more sophisticated and stylish than ever. Users can send filtered images with layered text and icons, combining words and pictures for a truly gorgeous interface – so...
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Is Your Smartphone Secure? Blackphone2 Comes To The Rescue

With stories of spying and security breaches all over the news, it seems like privacy concerns are at the forefront of everyone’s thoughts. But while it seems like everyone’s suddenly talking about how the NSA is spying on all of us, our credit card information is getting stolen, and our healthcare...
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toshiba canvio aeromobile

Toshiba Canvio Aermobile: A Solid State Drive That Creates Wireless LAN Network

Toshiba Gulf FZE introduces the CANVIO AeroMobile ™, a Solid State Drive-based storage device that uses wireless connectivity for the fast and convenient transfer of files. It creates its own wireless LAN network, allowing users to access their content even without an Internet connection. The CANVIO...
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Neurio: A Device That Makes Your Home “Smart”

For many, the thought of making their home a “smart home” has been either too expensive, too confusing or simply unnecessary. But that is now going to change. Neurio, an innovative, easy-to-use and money-saving smart home technology, today announced the availability of its flagship product that can,...
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whatsapp on desktop

WhatsApp Is Now Available On Your Desktop Computer

Hai, If you are tired of using your fingers to type on your phone and stare at you mini mobile screen. WhatsApp developers have absolutely understood your pain and agony and have introduced the app on desktop. This was first announced on WhatsApp blog.  How does is work? It is a web interface...
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Report By Gartner: Sales of Smartphones Grew 20 Percent in Q3 2014

“Sales of feature phones declined 25 percent in the third quarter of 2014 because the difference in price between feature phones and low-cost Android smartphones is reducing further,” said Roberta Cozza, research director at Gartner. In the third quarter of 2014, smartphones accounted for 66 percent...
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tado app

Tado – The First Smart Thermostat App

tado ° is the first smart thermostat that automatically adjusts to house residents’ daily routines, like a personal heating assistant. The tado° smartphone app detects when the last resident leaves the house and automatically turns down the heating. As soon as the first person starts heading home,...
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smartphone tracking

Who Is Tracking Your Smart Phone?

One of the problems with smart phone is that spy agencies and advertisers can use them to collect data and keep tabs on users. Those of you who want to take additional steps to protect your data on you smart phone should check out WhoIsHostingThis massive infographic that reveals more details covering...
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Now You Can Access MS Office Absolutely Free On Your iPhone And Android Devices

Microsoft's Office Mobile apps for Android and iPhone are now completely free for all home users. The company has done away with the need for an Office 365 subscription, opening up the full document viewing and editing capabilities of each app. While it was free to download for any Android user, it...
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