Is Your Smartphone Secure? Blackphone2 Comes To The Rescue

With stories of spying and security breaches all over the news, it seems like privacy concerns are at theblackphone2 image forefront of everyone’s thoughts.

But while it seems like everyone’s suddenly talking about how the NSA is spying on all of us, our credit card information is getting stolen, and our healthcare privacy is at risk, that doesn’t mean that the average consumer places a priority on privacy.

Now that security and privacy concerns are a news constant, they may be influencing product development, and eventually consumer choice. People are looking for ways to enjoy the latest gadgets without compromising their privacy, and smart businesses will follow that shifting demand.

That’s what inspired the new Blackphone, a smartphone that uses a custom, secure version of Android called PrivatOS, and comes bundled with various privacy tools preinstalled. This company is established in Switzerland and claims to have built one of the mose secure smartphones in the world. They have come out with a version 2.0 of the Blackphone. Below is an infographic comparing Blackphone2 with iPhone, Andorid, Blackberry and Windows.

Some Interesting facts about the phone: –

Is malware distributed via apps?

Yes – Users must download from 3rd party sources, which can sometimes be malicious.

Can 3rd parties access my personal information?

Highly unlikely – Private browsing using Disconnect’s VPN means users enjoy enhanced security and privacy protection. However, some vulnerabilities may exist.
Is my location automatically tracked?

No – PrivatOS is a tailored version of Android’s KitKat with user-tracking and geo-location functions removed.

Data and OS

Anonymous data wiping – Does not require a centralized cloud account.
Bundled apps – The Blackphone comes with few apps, all privacy-enabled.
Secure operating system – PrivatOS allows for total control of data sharing and app functionality.

blackphone 2


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