Bridg: A UAE Based App To Pitch At The Next Web Conference In Amsterdam

What if you don’t have to carry cards to make a payment. What if you are a company who doesn’t have to worry about the change when delivery pizzas.

Many companies may have got some solution to this problem, however, Moussa Beidas, 30, who was born and raised in the UAE, said he came up with the idea after working for leading banks in the region.

Mr Beidas then came up with Bridg, a secure payment app that can be used offline. He aims to target the app at developing countries, where people sometimes do not have internet access on their smartphones or even have bank accounts and cards.


Having initially conceived of Bridg as a savings application, Palestinian Moussa Beidas, 30, who was born and raised in the UAE, refused to disclose too much about his app before its big appearance on April 23.

Targeting emerging markets, Beidas believes that his secure payment application will appeal to people who live in countries where access to smartphones is greater than access to banks.

If you visit the website it looks like an app that can scan your card and then you can use it for payment and for the business it will act like a mobile credit card payment machine.

Moussa will share his online payment application, The Bridg, at the esteemed The Next Web conference in Amsterdam in a few weeks.


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