Google Maps And YouTube Will Be Available Offline

It’s finally happening. You can see the content for both the apps offline by end of the year. These changes are set to be brought in at some point this year, which is great news. It’ll be good for trainDubai Google Interactive Maps or car journeys, where your connection may dip in-and-out.

You’ll have to save a journey on Google Maps before you use it offline and any clips you want to view on YouTube will have to be streamed first, while you have a connection. The videos will only be available for 48 hours. ‘With offline maps, you won’t need to suck down expensive data or have super reliable connectivity every time you want to navigate somewhere,’ said Google’s vice president of engineering Jen Fitzpatrick.

Gautam Anand, director of YouTube partnerships and operations for Google Asia-Pacific, said YouTube worldwide was viewed 6 billion hours per month, an increase of 50 per cent year over year. In Thailand, YouTube viewing is up 110 per cent.

About 40 per cent of people come back to watch YouTube every day.

UAE has got the live traffic updates on Google Maps in 2012.


You can still plan your journey offline even now on Google Maps – just add the from and to location on the Google Maps app., Once you are able to map the journey switch off your data and the map will continue giving you the directions.


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