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How To Boost Your Online Sales

Do you recall dropping a shopping cart on a Thursday while you’re thinking of buying something online? If yes, you’re one of the many shoppers that made Thursday the day when people abandon shopping carts most often, according to SalesCycle. Shopping cart abandonment is the number one income killer...
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Telr: The New Revolution In Payment Gateway

Elias Ghanem - Ceo & Co-founder Telr is the new kid on the crowded payment industry block offering payment gateway services. As the industry has its fair share of  big boys (i.e. PayPal), young upstarts (i.e. Stripe) and many more, why would another rival matter? Or why would someone...
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E-Commerce Trends In The Middle East On Mobile and Desktop: A Study By PayPal

A recent research conducted by The PayPal on e-commerce in the Middle East in conjunction with Ipsos shows that the Middle East’s online commerce market grew 29% from $7 billion in 2011 to $9 billion in 2012. The Middle East market will  reach $15 billion by 2015 and this year’s growth reveals...
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Payment Gateways in Middle EAST

Payment Gateways in the Middle East

As e-Commerce sites continue to grow in the region, many online players are still looking for an affordable gateway to process payments. There are several successful e-Commerce companies in the region like Souq and MarkAVip, and an increasing number of entrepreneurs are launching online businesses. For...