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Telly And Telfaz 11 Team Up To Bring Online TV Entertainment Across Middle East

As part of its vision to become the leading premium content provider and streaming service in the Middle East, Telly teamed up with Telfaz 11, Saudi Arabia’s primary Internet television network, to deliver the Telfaz 11 most popular and unrivaled online video entertainment to its subscribers across...
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On Deman Ooredoo

Qatar’s Ooredoo Takes On Demand Content To Mobile

Ooredoo have launched a new service, Mozaic GO, which enables customers to stream on-demand films and series from the Mozaic library, and enjoy them on iPads anywhere in Qatar. Plans are also in place to make the service available on iPhones and other Smart devices in the near future. There is a growing...
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Telly Acquires Sha-Sha – The Netflix of Middle East

Video-on-demand startup Telly Inc. has raised $8 million and acquired a company to stream content to the Arab world, just a day after a similar company, iROKO Partners Ltd., received the same amount from investors to stream video in Africa. The company also announced that it has completed an $8 million...
Entertainment Online

Internet Is Among The Top Sources Of Entertainment In the Middle East

65% of the people in the Middle East consider Internet as one of the source of their entertainment. A recent study released by the Northwestern University in Qatar revealed some interesting statistics on which mediums are the key sources of entertainment in the Middle East. The most important source...
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Tablet Video Mobile2012

Tablet And Mobile Phone Video Viewing Share Increases by 100% in 2012

Photo by Pete Prodoehl via Flickr Creative Commons Tablet TV continued to surge as mobile, social and video converged on a growing number of smart screens built for personal media consumption. Ooyala measures the anonymized viewing habits of nearly 200 million unique viewers in 130 countries every month. Data...
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