Children in Classroom Social Media

Social Media And Education In The Middle East

Photo by Leonardo Augusto Matsuda / Creative Commons Advances in technology are providing expanded opportunities for student communication, interaction and collaboration and leading to emerging transformations in methods of learning and education. While experiments with online education through the...
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Kids using Social Media

UAE Parents Feel Social Media Has Positive Advantage In Communications – Reports Canon Middle East

More than two thirds of all UAE parents view social media as a force of good and feel that it is a positive advantage in communications, while one third of the children surveyed believe that there are dangers inherent in its use, according to Canon Middle East, the leader in imaging solutions. The findings...
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PRISM: Privacy Breaches By Technology Giants – An Infographic

America’s tech giants (Microsoft. Yahoo. Google. Facebook. PalTalk. AOL. Skype. YouTube. Apple.) continued to deny any knowledge of a giant government surveillance programme called Prism, even as president Barack Obama confirmed the scheme’s existence Friday The National Security Agency...
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Social media MENA

Usage Of Social Media In The Middle East – An Infographic

Did you know that approximately 40.2 percent of the total Middle East population has access to the internet and that 3.7 percent of internet users worldwide come from the region; now this is a significant number. In the Middle East, 88 percent of the population who use the internet use social networking...

How Do People In The Middle East Use Traditional v/s Online Media

Northwestern University in Qatar has released preliminary findings from a Pan-Arab survey showing that although web users in the Middle East support the freedom to express opinions online, they also believe the Internet should be more tightly regulated. Researchers surveyed 9,693 adults in eight Arab...
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Twitter Brands Mention

Mobile Is The Preferred Medium To Tweet About Brands

The rising use of mobile to access the internet is a well-known phenomenon. We take a look at the scale of brand engagement on Twitter using mobile. A Socialbakers study has shown that an amazing 66% of user generated tweets mentioning brands are now executed through mobile devices. The study looked...
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Twitter MENA

Saudi Arabia And UAE Are Among The Highest Active Twitter User Penetration Countries

GlobalWebIndex, a research company surveyed over 152,000 internet users in 31 markets and found that two out of the three countries with the highest active Twitter user penetration rates were in the Middle East. In Saudi Arabia, 51% of internet users surveyed were active Twitter users followed by The...
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Twitter hacked

Twitter Accounts Hacked impacting 250000 users

This week, Twitter has detected unusual access patterns that led them to identify unauthorized access attempts to the user data. Twitter has discovered one live attack and were able to shut it down in process moments later. However, the investigation has thus far indicated that the attackers may have...
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Twitter MENA

Twitter officially enters the MENA region

Source : Twitter had officially announced its entry into the MENA region on Sunday, unveiling a partnership with local business Connect Ads. The San Francisco-based company has chosen the Connect Ads as its official partner for the region where it will collaborate with Twitter’s own sales team,...
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Twitter’s video looping VineApp a huge success

Twitter has recently acquired VineApp, a mobile service that lets you capture and share short looping videos. The videos last for 6 seconds. The app itself is quite easy to use, even though it crashed a few times on initial use. Many industry experts think  extreme constraints on the content can produce...
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