A Startup Stock Exchange for MENA

The Startup Stock Exchange is a public stock exchange, similar to the NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX, AIM or any other stock exchange, but with procedures and cost structure specifically designed for startups and small businesses. The Exchange allows any company from around the world to raise money from anyone, anywhere by selling equity shares. The publicly traded stock can be bought or sold at any time, as the Exchange will operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We did a Skype call with the company’s founder, Ian Haet, to find out more details. He informed us that the company is based in Sint Maarten in Caribbean Islands. It is currently finishing its government licensing and regulatory approvals. Once the Exchange has received the final governmental approvals, public trading of company shares may commence. Ian says, “We anticipate the trading to begin in the next 2 to 3 months. While approvals are being finalized the website is live and accepting user registration.”
The Startup Stock Exchange will be governed by a government securities commission in the jurisdiction where it is licensed and regulated. The founding team is still in talks with the regulatory authorities to finalize the process.
Ian’s motivation to start SSX was to help companies raise funds on their own and avoid wasting thousands of hours chasing investors, working on different investor documents or being led on through expensive negotiations with an Angel investor or Venture Capital investors.

With the Startup Stock Exchange the entrepreneur is involved in a single organized fund-raising process. This path allows them to focus on supporting and growing their business, which in turn makes it more attractive to investors.
How can Startups raise funding? For companies that are seeking funding, SSX allows them to register and begin the process for listing on the Exchange. The first two steps are registration of Company details and submittal of an executive summary. The executive summary is then reviewed by the SSX Advisor Board and SSX then gives the company feedback and suggestions on their summary. If the executive summary is approved by SSX then the company may submit a detailed business plan covering items such as use of funding, financial projections, marketing plan and more. The entire process is online and ensures that all companies who are seeking funding answer the same questions and provide detailed information on their company.

We asked him if any startups have managed to raise funds till date. Ian says, “The website and the company due diligence process are functional and operating. In these first 7 days we have received over 35 business ideas from 10 different countries”

The website also allows individuals to register as potential investors. Once registered, they can view information on the companies currently under review by SSX. “We are developing community features to allow the investors to interact with the companies such as the ability to ask questions, follow a company and receive automated updates about each company,” added Ian.
The Startup Stock Exchange will be a public stock exchange. It does not prevent any company from participating in incubation programs or receiving funding from Angel Investors or Venture Capital Investors. The Exchange makes it easier for all parties because the ownership shares are publicly traded and reside on the Exchange.

Click here to visit the website and apply today to get listed.

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