IKEA’s Cardboard Camera

Sony, Canon, Nikon, Ikea..wait a minute, Ikea? I may not know all the companies making cameras but I knew this one might have skipped a genre.

Ikea has decided to take a spell binding step to the camera arena by introducing an eco-friendly low cost camera made of cardboard. Oddly enough, I found that this was not one to be placed in your display cupboard as an accessory but it actually works. For those of you unfamiliar with the company, Ikea is a home furnishing company that designs ready-to-assemble furniture. They have stepped up their game by introducing the world’s cheapest digital camera called the Knappa. Made out of cardboard, this eco-friendly device uses two AA-batteries and a USB connector that can hold up to 40 pictures. Once users are done shooting the pictures, they can transfer and delete photos by holding down a button.It is made of thick cardboard wrapped around PCB plastic. To actually get to the pictures you need to plug the camera into a USB port of your computer and windows 7 automatically installs the drivers. Having snapped 40 photos, users can dispose of the camera along with any other recyclable material. The quality of the pictures is not comparable to those of a DSLR camera but who would have thought of making an eco friendly camera? Ikea claims not to sell it on a commercial level but to give it away for select customers who visit their store. What better marketing than to sport a one of a kind item sold as a limited edition.

This move promotes their stand towards environmental impact caused due to plastic and various non recyclable materials. It in turn helps raise awareness among the general public on eco-related issues. Similar interesting concepts are the "Samsung blue earth" which is a mobile made from plastic bottles and has a solar panel on its back for charging or the Asus eco-book laptop with a cover made from bamboo and recycled plastic on the inside.

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