Smart phones : the new inspector gadget?

Why buy a smart phone? The answer that I am about to give you may not be the one you expect. Young, hip, happening and always on the move is the Gen-Y USP. You don’t need a buzz kill when you’re on the move, in the groove, waiting to pop open your drink and you don’t have your bottle opener. USE YOUR PHONE! Scratching our heads, are we? One of the most fascinating gadget cum app duo’s that I have come across is the Intoxicase and its better half – the intoxicase app, which will keep track of the bottles you’ve opened with your case, play a song whenever you open a new bottle, call you a cab when you’re too buzzed to drive and even post your evening’s total to Facebook and Twitter.

Interesting how the phrase ‘the world in your palm ‘applies to this tool. What else could we accommodate in our palm? There used to be a time when your cargo trousers would accommodate everything from your comb, phone, wallet and even your girl friend’s makeup palette. The challenges to our smart phone scientists could be endless. I for one would prefer if I didn’t have to charge my phone every day. I wish it would work on human electric pulses using concepts similar to ‘Red Tacton’(*RedTacton is a Human Area Networking technology, that uses the minute electric field emitted on the surface of the human body for high speed data transmission)

If only the whims and fancies of a blogger would resound in the research labs of the big players of the smart phone world, my palm would have a better version of the world to hold on to. Oh well, C’est la vie.

Post by – Ankhiya Eapen

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