Women of Saudi Arabia go job hunting

Image Courtesy: Glowork.net

Khalid Alkhudair is the founder of Glowork.net – a women employment portal in Saudi Arabia formed in 2008. Glowork is formed by young Saudi entrepreneur who aims to bring empowerment to ladies and increase diversity in the Saudi workforce. Inspired by his sister’s search for work, Khalid Alkhudair launched Glowork Upon contacting Khalid via phone, he was quick to respond back to Tfour.me queries. Khalid, was recently honored with the “Excellence in Entrepreneurship” award at the Global Thinkers Forum (GTF). Previously Glowork has been awarded by the UN and ILO for its innovation in job creation. The job portal has 10,000+ registered job seekers and growing.

Saudi Arabia has a segregation law at work place which enforces companies to have separate divisions for men and women. Glowork came up with an innovative solution early this year, with the launch of a virtual office for SMEs who couldn’t afford additional space due to the segregation law. An active monitoring system is put in place and training commences for both employee and employer on how best practice working from home solutions is adapted. The solution will act as a catalyst in providing job opportunities in the rural areas where women many not be allowed to work. The company has been doing a lot of charity work for women organization and helping empower women.
Khalid intends to expand the Glowork  network in the Middle East region.

Women in Saudi Arabia have been fighting for their rights from driving cars to working at shops. In Aug 2012 the government announced that all the men working at lingerie shops in the kingdom should be replaced by women. The government has announced plans to form a “woman friendly” city in the eastern province of Hofuf next year, aiming to bolster employment opportunities for women without compromising their religious beliefs.

Its about time that many recruitment sites will emerge in the country with abundant opportunities for women.

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