Social Media Monitoring for brands in Qatar

With brands actively investing time and effort on social networks, we all know that social media monitoring is extremely important to  capture online conversations and feedback.

Below is a quick comparison between two of the top brands in Qatar – Qtel and Qatar Airways

- Social media monitoring tools enables brands to proactively improve on marketing strategies based on customer response. Below graph shows the level of content which is created for Qatar Airways on social networks as compared to QTel, which to some extent has a co-relation to the investments being done by brands in the social media space. Monitoring allows you to measure the effectiveness of the investments made on social marketing.

- Reputation Management – A recent study done by Social Bakers showed that socially devoted brands respond in around 4 mins. Overall in the telecom industry the average response time has been 21 minutes as compared to airlines where its 28 mins. We haven’t been able to capture this metric for Qatar Airways and Qtel specifically though. With social media enabling two way communication, managing the brand reputation online is an extremely critical requirement for any brand (more for B2C). These monitoring tools enable brands to proactively manage any negative or crisis situation and diffuse problems at very early stage.

- Competitive Edge – We tried using a social media monitoring tool to see how QTel and Qatar Airways have been able to manage their brand on the social networks. Using over 26,000 data points in last 25 days, we found that Qatar Airways is talked far more on social networks than QTel, however the positive, negative and neutral ratio is almost similar. Social media tools also help brands benchmark themselves with their competitors and the activities they do on digital networks. Most online users compare products online before making decision and hence it becomes an extremely important tool for marketing managers to ensure they are ahead of competition.

- Market Insights – Social networks and tools act as data base for market research and with relevant analytic, it helps marketers make insightful decision. For example while we were checking how users are talking about various brands on social networks we found out that both QTel and Qatar Airways were actively talked about more on Twitter v/s Facebook, another reason for brands to have a clearly defined twitter strategy

Post by Manik Kinra – A quintessential sales guy, Manik’s aggressive energy keeps the engine running for customer acquisition and marketing practices at Mixilion. With the concept of crowdsourcing close to his heart, Manik is an avid blogger and often writing commentaries on what’s going on in the world of crowdsourcing in general and small business marketing in particular.

The above analysis is done using tools available online.



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