What Did We Learn At ArabNet 2013: Middle East Tech, Mobile, Social Media And E-Commerce Trends

The Arabnet Conference kicked off its fourth annual Digital Summit, the most prestigious gathering of digital professionals and entrepreneurs in the MENA region last month. Arabnet’s energetic and enthusiastic founder (who I had met a month before the conference) Omar Christidis announced at the...
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BAN Social Media Qatar

Qatar Government Drafts A Law To Control Online Media

Qatar’s government has backed new Internet codes that widen controls over news websites and online commentary after similar clampdowns by other Gulf Arab states. Western-backed Gulf nations have sharply increased arrests over social media posts on charges that include insulting rulers. Stronger...
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Qatar Social Media Monitoring

Social Media Monitoring for brands in Qatar

With brands actively investing time and effort on social networks, we all know that social media monitoring is extremely important to  capture online conversations and feedback. Below is a quick comparison between two of the top brands in Qatar – Qtel and Qatar Airways - Social media monitoring...
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Social Media and Entrepreneurship in Middle East

Dubai School of Government has released a study on Social Media and Entrepreneurship in Middle East. The study focuses on how is Social Media perceived among businesses in the region, its drawbacks and benefits and how are entrepreneurs using it. When entrepreneurs were asked what is the primary use...
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Dubai’s RTA builds brand advocacy on Social Media

I attended a seminar last week that centered on addressing customer centricity in the region. I got the chance to hear some interesting insights from some regional players in terms of how they’re utilizing social media and other digital channels to be more ‘customer centric’ and help build on their...
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Contruction Social Media

Social Media – the corner stone of communication in the construction sector

How does information flow in the construction industry? I am not a veteran in the field and hence cannot give you a detailed explanation on this, but the aim is to get you to start thinking about it. The information flow might seem something like this: when there is a requirement for an infrastructural...
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twitter changes

Twitter gets a Facelift with Header and new features

Twitter the online Social networking and microblogging service gets its first huge facelift. This is the first such facelift since it was created in March 2006 by Jack Dorsey. Yesterday Twitter announced the biggest change since their launch in 2006 by introducing a “Header” which is similar...
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Qatar FB Stats A

Latest Facebook stats of Qatar

Check out the latest stats of FB for #Qatar. 90% of the users are over 18. Infographic Source: Karak Break
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Credit Card on Twitter

Did you post the picture of your Credit Card Online?

Many people love sharing every aspect of their life online by updating their status, sharing a photograph, tweeting etc. We share the food we eat, places we visit, where we live, what time we sleep and the list goes on. On one hand we complain about privacy issues and on the other we are excited to share...
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customer service

Have you used Social Media to raise a Customer Service issue in Middle East?

I recently happened to witness a few events during my consumerism-driven lifestyle which has led me to believe that customer service (or the lack of it) seems to be the biggest voids in the region. Filing a customer complaint and getting someone to resolve it happens to be the bane of any Middle East...

Journalism 2.0 – has its time come?

It has become very clear that social media has not only allowed us to be connected, but has also become a useful resource for those keeping up with the latest news. As the events of the Arab Spring has shown, mobile devices combined with social media platforms like Facebook & Twitter have really...
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Social TV Middle East

Social TV is the Future in Middle East

The concept of sitting around your television with friends and having a conversation is not new. But Social TV is changing our cyber-living-room with increased interactivity with the content through internet. In a broad term Social TV refers to technology that supports social interactions among viewers...
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