Dubai’s RTA builds brand advocacy on Social Media

I attended a seminar last week that centered on addressing customer centricity in the region. I got the chance to hear some interesting insights from some regional players in terms of how they’re utilizing social media and other digital channels to be more ‘customer centric’ and help build on their...
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photography middle east

Photography and Online platforms in the Middle East

I’m an avid photographer. It’s something about capturing images and freezing that memory forever that inspires me everyday. The past few years have seen photography erupt into an uber popular hobby. Cameras are now relatively cheaper; smartphones takes pictures far better and crispier than the ones...
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Free Internet

Free Internet Access in Middle East

Isn’t access to the internet expensive in the Middle East? …I have to walk all the way to the end of the mall to get free wifi… Why don’t we have more wifi zones within the city? These are some of the questions and comments one gets to hair fairly regularly if you are a resident...
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Online Discount Website Retail Stores

How about a group buying website’s retail store in Middle East?

Groupon has opened a retail store in Singapore, primarily because of the market’s small geographic size, something that can be applied to the countries in the Middle East as well. The Groupon officials state that since Singapore is so small, with strong online purchase penetration, customers are...
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customer service

Have you used Social Media to raise a Customer Service issue in Middle East?

I recently happened to witness a few events during my consumerism-driven lifestyle which has led me to believe that customer service (or the lack of it) seems to be the biggest voids in the region. Filing a customer complaint and getting someone to resolve it happens to be the bane of any Middle East...
Payment Gateway and Startups

How the payment gateway makes or breaks a startup

When I was attending the Digital Cream event earlier this year in Dubai, I got a chance to talk to a few bright and innovative minds behind a bunch of novel startups that have mushroomed in the Middle East lately. Ranging from providing a cyber market place to the home businesses in the Gulf to providing...
Rangerover Evogue

Online Car Guides – Providing buyers with new perspectives

The Middle East is famous for its cars. From Bugattis to Ferraris… Porsches to Lamborghinis… Beemers to Mercs… Dune bashing to Drag racing… there’s something for anything with wheels on it. For a region which happens to produce and export the largest chunk in the global...

Food Startups and Social Media

Last week there was story doing the rounds in the social media about how a certain Jon Gabrus woke up at 7:30AM in Brooklyn on Friday, got into a cab, flew 13 hours, 6,850 miles, watched 6 movies, drank 2 bottles of red wine and ended up in Dubai (UAE) on Saturday at 9AM, just to eat a pizza with cheeseburgers...
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Avengers Social Media TFOUR 2

Hollywood blockbusters and Social Media content embedment

As the world gears up for yet another summer of super blockbusters, with the Avengers smashing records at the box office already, marketers and digital media strategists continue to reap the fruits of the marriage between Hollywood’s finest masterpieces and the world’s meeting place-the social media...
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