Dubai’s RTA builds brand advocacy on Social Media

I attended a seminar last week that centered on addressing customer centricity in the region. I got the chance to hear some interesting insights from some regional players in terms of how they’re utilizing social media and other digital channels to be more ‘customer centric’ and help build on their brand.

An interesting (and eye opening) example came from a speaker representing an organization we seldom regard as cutting edge and innovative… the RTA (Roads and Transport Authority). Now we all know how we feel when that name comes up, the first things crossing our mind are traffic jams, Salik (toll) payments, parking fines, roads constantly blocked for repairs in one part of the city or another and most of all, bad customer service.

Recently, RTA has put together a team which looks after their social media. They respond to your comments quickly amongst other things, and ensure that there is a level of engagement amongst RTA and the customer. However, what came out as a pleasant surprise was the fact that RTA is now utilizing social media for building brand advocacy. Apparently, they now work with a customer who used to send them suggestions for free to improve their services. There is now a financial arrangement in place wherein the customer gets paid for generating ideas for RTA for service and quality improvement. This unique arrangement (specially for the region) could open the door for many other firms where people are encouraged to contribute to running a company and have a voice which is heard and heeded to.

Such a level of interaction and participation leads to a different level of advocacy where the customer goes out and speaks highly of your brand, primarily as the advocate and ambassador. This is just because customers are aware of the fact that their opinions will ultimately become a part of the organization’s strategy. There have recent promotions by the organization encouraging customers to tweet (positive comments) and win.

Have you come across any such examples of advocacy being harnessed in the middle east? Would be great to find out.

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  1. November 13, 2012 at 9:04 am #

    It is very nice of you to share the insights from the seminar here in your blog. The brand advocacy of RTA in social media is a great business strategy. Hoping to come back here and know more about other advocacy.

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