Did you post the picture of your Credit Card Online?

Many people love sharing every aspect of their life online by updating their status, sharing a photograph, tweeting etc. We share the food we eat, places we visit, where we live, what time we sleep and the list goes on. On one hand we complain about privacy issues and on the other we are excited to share every bit of information about ourselves online.

Shockingly, some people think it is absolutely fine to flash their credit/debit cards on social networks. Sharing financial information online is definitely not a cool thing to do. However, some people did not get the memo from their advisors.

Check out the twitter account called . The handle retweets any tweet in which people post photos of their credit/debit card. It is arguable that it is a risky way to name and shame people by sharing their financial information online. But they are only retweeting what’s already been shared publicly.

Since its inception in May 2012, has found and posted dozens of examples of Twitter users who display their credit card or debit card details in a photo. The last retweet from the handle was on 22 July.

One of my favourite retweet is “I was able to the get bank to put myself on my debit card(: like my sexy seductive pose? :)”

The message of is simple: “Please quit posting pictures of your debit cards, people.”

We can partially blame the credit card companies for this trend. In recent years,credit card companies have been providing the service of emblazing the plastic with images of celebrities, customized designs etc. And as is customary on social networks, if you have it – you flaunt it. Thus, images of credit cards and debit cards begin showing up online.

Needadebitcard is one of the many such cases of name-and-shame aimed at educating people about the dangers of sharing personal info on social networks. Check out PleaseRobMe and ICanStalkyou which are some other initiatives.

To leave you with another tip, did you know the photographs you share on Twitter and Facebook have your location data embedded. People can track your location via a photo uploaded online, unless you have turned off the location sharing feature on the phone.

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