ict qatarcyber safety research

Attitude And Behavior Of Users Towards Cyber Safety And Privacy In The Middle East

ICT Qatar has recently released a study of Internet habits of the users towards cyber Safety and privacy in the Middle East. Mapped against the world average, users in the region they are more supportive of the idea that government authorities should block harmful content online that is ‘racist’...
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Connected Devices in MENA Mobile

The Future of Connected Devices In Middle East And North Africa

There will be four billion connected devices by 2020 across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, according to a new forecast by Frost & Sullivan, a research company based in the United States. Such items include gadgets and home appliances with access to the internet and the ability to...
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Compare Financial Products in the Middle East with Souqalmal.com

Paula Wehbeh Souqalmal is the first and only price comparison site across the Middle East allowing consumers to search and compare over 700  products online in both Arabic and English. With 10 different product verticals in 3 countries namely UAE, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, Souqalmal compares over...
BANK inforgraph

Facebook Benchmark for Financial Services Institutions in Middle East

Below is an inforgraphic depicting the presence and engagement levels of Banks and other financial institutions in the Middle East region. The infographic was developed by The Online Project in Q3 2012. QNB is on the top of the total number of Fans list followed by Al Rajhi and SABB. In UAE, surprisingly...
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Credit Card on Twitter

Did you post the picture of your Credit Card Online?

Many people love sharing every aspect of their life online by updating their status, sharing a photograph, tweeting etc. We share the food we eat, places we visit, where we live, what time we sleep and the list goes on. On one hand we complain about privacy issues and on the other we are excited to share...
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Payment Gateway and Startups

How the payment gateway makes or breaks a startup

When I was attending the Digital Cream event earlier this year in Dubai, I got a chance to talk to a few bright and innovative minds behind a bunch of novel startups that have mushroomed in the Middle East lately. Ranging from providing a cyber market place to the home businesses in the Gulf to providing...
Internet Banking Keywords Google Search UAE 2011

Google Trends for Internet v/s Online Banking in UAE

Online Banking offers a wide range of ‘Self Service’ facilities which is a reliable, secure, convenient and flexible for customers to access their financial information and interact with the bank’s representative. Online Banking usage in UAE has significantly grown and the channel remains popular...

AML Legislation and a Place in the Sun for Developing countries

Qatar has been keen to establish its place amongst the world’s financial centers and is a member of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF). The FATF is an inter-governmental body which develops policies for combating money laundering and terrorist financing. Financial institutions in Qatar are subject...
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Giveaway for fans Banks

I am a Bank and I am Boring – Part II

This is a continuation of I am a Bank and I am Boring – Part I Show you CSR initiatives. Have you done some thing for the community, how about telling to the people via your Social Media Channels. Do you want volunteers for a CSR initiative, ask for it on your Social Media Channels and watch the...
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Boring Banks

I am a Bank and I am Boring – Part 1

Financial Institutions are perceived to be not innovative and creative when it comes to Online Media and technology. Due to certain regulations and reputation issues, they have been a step behind other industries to make their presence felt online.  Let us explore few ideas which can help you gain...
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