Where can I buy iPad Mini in Middle East

iPad mini was launched with mixed reviews and not really the amount of anticipation that one would expect in comparison that the other Apple products received. The question on everyone’s mind is that if it is indeed different? Every time Apple comes out with a product, the market crowds with the competitors rising to the challenge so I know that I can expect to see another company coming out with a mini tablet with a different tag soon. The iPad mini’s design and size are said to be its best features. It is lighter, thinner and its sides are narrower than the other tablets. Apple‘s touch correction technology added to iOS6 is an interesting feature that the ipad mini also owns but it doesn’t make it extra sensitive. The 1024×768 display looks more appealing and sharper in the smaller display as opposed to the same resolution in the wider screen of the other ipads. Although this could be a huge let down because the one thing that apple often gets right is their display and resolution. The icons and buttons are a bit smaller but maintains the comfortable size that makes it just as easy to type with. The layout of the buttons is slightly different. The volume button and orientation lock switches are on the upper right side, but here up and down are distinct buttons unlike the full-size iPad. The ipad mini’s processor isn’t as fast as the iphone 5 or the 4th gen ipad. The ipad mini’s camera is identical to those of the 4th gen ipad. This might not be the best camera to use for professional photography but it would do for someone who feels like capturing the right moment on a single frame. The ipad mini’s battery life is said to outlast that of the ipad touch. If your priority is cellular data, then ipad mini will be your only option.

The below table shows the price for iPad mini 16 GB with Wi-Fi for UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Egypt.

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