Weekly Wrap-up: Twitter User Data Hacked, Where do women shop online in UAE, 2013 Year Of Tablet, Middle East

Twitter report unusual access patterns, where do women shop online in UAE, a forecast report on Mobile Data in the Middle East, will 2013 be the year of  Tablets. All this and much more in the Tfour.me weekly wrap-up.

Twitter Accounts Hacked impacting 250,000 users

This week 250,000 Twitter accounts were  compromised as Twitter detected unusual access patterns. Twitter is encouraging all its users to change their password. Recently several US based publishers like New York Times and Wall Street Journal have reported  infiltration of its computer systems and hackers getting passwords of its reporters and other employees.

Where do women shop online in UAE

A post on where do women in UAE prefer to shop online in UAE. We went asking a few active shopper about their shopping habits online. Online shopping has allowed women to choose from the wide variety of goods that are available on the internet, which range from fashion, to gadgets, clothes, books and other household items.

Will 2013 be the year of Tablet Commerce?

A post about 2013 being the year of Tablet Commerce, since “2012 has been touted as “Year of the Mobile” in terms of ecommerce. Users are now relying more on mobile to use information and buy on tablet. As mentioned in the article “the average spends on tablet device is 50% more than the smart phones.”

Middle East will have the strongest mobile data traffic growth by 2017

Cisco had released a report on Global Mobile Traffic Growth which showed that “globally the average mobile user consumed 201 MB a month in 2012″. By 2017, Middle East will have the strongest data traffic. By 2017, The Middle East and Africa will have the strongest mobile data traffic growth of any region at 77 percent CAGR increasing 17.3-fold over the forecast period.

What Minerals is your iPhone made of – An Infographic

An infographic about different minerals that iPhone is made of. iPhone is made up of rare-earth minerals known as Yttrium (39 Y), Lanthanum (57 La), and Cerium (58 Ce). Did you know that 90 percent of rare-earth materials come from China.

The Ultimate Online guide for schools and nurseries in UAE

Souqalmal.com, the first and only price comparison site in the Middle East, now offers a new tool for parents to help them find the ideal school for their children. Users can filter the name of schools and nurseries list by curriculum and location.

TFOUR.ME gets featured in the ‘Just Here’ magazine

During this week, we got featured in Just Here, Qatar’s fortnightly magazine.

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