An Egyptian Recruitment Startup With a Career Solution

Careerise is a recruitment startup that sources candidates from social networks and recommends them to matching opportunities through trusted connections. In order to promote better recruitment processes in the Egyptian society, Ahmed Abdelaliem the Founder and CEO of Careerise created a social recruitment...
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Weekly Wrapup

Weekly Wrap-up: SOS Condom App launched in Dubai; UAE consumers Bullish About Spending Online; Blackberry Z10 Smartphone launched in Qatar; Buy Events ticket on Facebook

SOS Condom App launched in Dubai, more customers will go online in the next five years, the launch of Blackberry Z10 Smartphone in Qatar and much more on the weekly wrap up: SOS Condom App launched in Dubai The manufacturer of condoms, Durex, have launched a new app called SOS Condoms. By offering...
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Weekly Wrapup

Weekly Wrap-up: Twitter User Data Hacked, Where do women shop online in UAE, 2013 Year Of Tablet, Middle East

Twitter report unusual access patterns, where do women shop online in UAE, a forecast report on Mobile Data in the Middle East, will 2013 be the year of  Tablets. All this and much more in the weekly wrap-up. Twitter Accounts Hacked impacting 250,000 users This week 250,000 Twitter accounts...
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Women Online Shopping

Where do women shop online in UAE

With the Internet transforming many aspects of life, it has also brought along opportunities to shop for goods and services online. Online shopping allows one to choose from the wide variety of goods that are available on the internet, which range from fashion, to gadgets, clothes, books and other household...
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Shahiya fulfills food lovers appetite Online in Middle East

An online startup is here to fulfill the desire for delicious food! Shahiya refers to appetite in Arabic, and is meant for all those who have an immense appetite for cooking, eating, and socializing online. is a food portal that provides an Arabic and English platform for those food lovers...
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An online startup in Egypt is in the business of recycling e-Waste

An Egyptian electronic waste collection company, RecycloBekia, was set up in April, 2011, by the CEO and Founder, Mostafa Hemdan. RecycloBekia was born with the idea of a company that could maintain profits and be valuable to the community. This company functions with means of proposing a green recycling...
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An online Startup bridges the gap between doctors and patients

A new online startup that commenced in June 2012 in the United Arab Emirates aims to provide a caring service to its patients. DoctorUna is an online English and Arabic bilingual business that offers a free service to its patients by allowing them to book appointments with doctors online. It permits...