YouTube Launches Partner Program In UAE, Egypt And Saudi Arabia

YouTube, the world’s largest online video community, has expanded its Partner Program to Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) last week, giving more users the chance to generate revenue based on the number of views their uploaded videos receive.

Any YouTube user in Egypt, KSA and UAE with a YouTube account that uploads original content can become a partner simply by clicking and following the monetization tab from their account. The program has a number of benefits, including an overlay for in-video advertisements – placed in the bottom third of a video – as well as TrueView ads, which are queued up before the video plays.

The YouTube Partner Programme offers many features to help the YouTube content creator strengthen their YouTube page. The programmes are varied and tailored to meet the need of the users.

“YouTube has seen dramatic increases in Egypt,” said Haisam Yehia, Strategic Partners Development Manager, Middle East and North Africa. “Opening up the YouTube Partner Program in Egypt is a great step to help content creators develop their skills and provide original local content.”

By opening the Partner Program up to a wider range of countries, YouTube should see more content uploaded by vloggers and the like. It also opens users to a vibrant partner network where eager mentors and collaborators await, brimming with creativity.

Users generate revenue based on the number of hits they receive for each video, although Google has been keen to emphasize that the scheme has other benefits too, such as development programs, analytical tools and community resources.

Recently YouTube announced that it has now has more than a billion unique users every single month.

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