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You’ve probably been through this scenario in your next job hunt: “You’ve polished your resume with your latest and relevant professional credentials. You send it to prospective employers, and hope to hear back soon. Post waiting for 3 weeks you decide  to follow up with a call; you get either of the outcomes: you don’t hear back, or you’re rejected.”

Let’s take another scenario, you have a updated LinkedIn profile. The next time you log in, you’re greeted with at least 3 inMails by large corporations with potential job offers. You didn’t even have to do anything to look for your next career opportunity.

That’s how recruitment trends are shifting from the traditional paper-based to the dynamic online professional persona, championed by LinkedIn. With more than 200M+ members (+2 joining every second), LinkedIn has already established itself as the premier professional social network around the world.

With the opening of their Middle East office at Dubai Internet City in October 2012, a good number of companies have been paying attention to LinkedIn’s Talent Solutions. Qatar has more than 251K+ users. United Arab Emirates has 1.1M+  which is the largest in the the region. These numbers are part of the 5+ million users spread across the Middle East and North Africa region.

Click here to view the Growth of LinkedIn In Middle East.

From a recent event in Qatar, I got the chance to see the newly updated LinkedIn Recruiter.

This is the piece of software part of its Talent Solutions that is sold to major companies looking to source talent for their organizations – whether it’s from within the organization or externally from any part of the globe. In Qatar they have more than 15 corporate customers using their Talent Solutions. Their top 3 clients are Qatar Airways, Hamad Medical Corporation, and Qatar Petroleum International. That alone conveys a strong impact on how LinkedIn is helping to shape the use of social media for professional usage in the country.

LinkedIn has recently brought Recruiter up to the same look as their new Home Feed and Profiles. They’ve even added some great touches that will make it easier for recruiters to source talent. Just like users have “People Who Have Viewed Your Profile”, Recruiter now has “People You May Want To Hire” – an algorithmic recommendation of potential people that a recruiter may be looking to source for their organization.

If you know the section “Who’s Viewed Your Profile”, you’ve either seen the following: full name of the recent viewer, someone ‘at   a company, industry or Anonymous. Here’s a little fact – Recruiter allows anonymous views of other profiles. You won’t even know that large companies are probably viewing your profile; they could be looking at it right now, as they’re likely considering you for a job opening.

P.S: I’m looking to do a quick tip sheet on effective usage of LinkedIn. Interested? Put your thoughts in the comment below.

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