Dubai Taxis To Get GPS – Now You Don’t Have A Reason To Get Lost

Do you tend to get lost sometimes with the directions in a taxi? Most of us then end up calling the person who could guide us to the location as the taxi driver refuses to help you find the place. Now reaching your destination will become easier with the installation of high tech GPS systems in Dubai taxis.
The system is called ‘Smart Maps’,  and hopefully will make it easier for drivers and passengers to find their way around the city, calling for fewer directions needed from passengers hiring the cabs, said the Public Transport Agency of the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA).

Director of Transport Systems at the Public Transport Agency Adel Shakri said the smart maps had already been installed in 3,500 taxis in the city.

“All of our cabs, totalling 8,007, will be applying the new system by the end of 2013,” said Shakri. He said this advanced system recorded the real-time of movement of the vehicle hired by passengers.

The reservation and distribution centre would keep track and direct the taxi driver to reach the location without much fuss and would save time and fuel.

An audio communication device is linked to taxi meters and drivers can get accurate information about locations of commercial centres, hotels, hospitals and tourist attractions.

He said Dubai’s rapid growth had to be met with modern transport facilities and the RTA was keeping in mind the needs of residents and visitors. The use of smart maps comes in response to the emirate’s geographical expansion, according to Shakri.

“Dubai’s expansion never stops. We need to keep up with the same rhythm by adding to the maps strategic sites of public transport services. This includes cabs, which serve as the cultural facade of our emirate. And, we need to boost their efficiency by supporting them with hi-tech systems to eventually offer the best services to users.”

Some 8,000 drivers are being trained on the new system, according to Marwan Othman, Director of Fleet Drivers Affairs at Dubai Taxi Corporation.

“We are training drivers so they can achieve the system’s main goal: serving passengers,” he said

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