Tailor-made apps developed for children with special needs

Five apps won the competition to develop exclusive apps that will benefit children with special needs of Al Noor Centre by using tablet computers.

The competition was launched by Samsung Electronics on Monday in partnership with Al Noor Training Centre as part of the Samsung “Hope for Children” programme. The winning apps are: -

Safety app

Created by Mohammad Al Lababidi, the 3D Pixar-style application tackles safety at home, at school and on the bus.

Sharing is Fun

Developed by Syed Iftikhar Shah, this game addresses social skills. A child taps on an object – for example, an apple – to divide it into portions. The child has to assign the slices to peers.


Developed by Frank, a computer science graduate from the University of Wollongong, this application teaches children grooming skills such as brushing their teeth.

Academics app

Also developed by Al Lababidi, this app covers various elements of the school’s curriculum, such as literacy training and identification of objects such as fruits and vegetables.


This app teaches children to match things that go together – for example a lock and a key. This is also developed by Shawn Frank.


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