Mobile Phone Usage In The Middle East And North Africa

A visual representation of mobile phone use created by Lebara shows that, across the globe, how people use their handsets varies a lot. The below infographic shows how people use their mobile phones to text, chat, tweet and more.

The use of mobile phones around the world differs massively between the various countries and continents, with text, call and data usage fluctuating greatly around the world.

For example, countries in the Middle East such as Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt have high mobile social networking figures.

Spain has the highest level of mobile ownership at 95%, followed by Jordan at 94%, China at 93% and the UK at 92%. The lowest ownership rate is in Pakistan at 52%, followed by India at 56% and Mexico at 63%.

The infographic, created from data collected by Pew Research Center and the United Nations, also illustrates growth in mobile phone ownership over the last decade.

Infographic Source: Lebara

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