Shifu – An Intelligent Personal Assitant App Gains Traction In The Middle East

Have you ever tried making efficient use of of your free time doing something that you always wanted to do? Like shifuCalling your friend, buying deodorant , reading an article saved in Instapaper, watch a TED Talk ,uploading a picture etc.

Prashant Singh managed a portfolio of some 10 apps in his previous job where the the download ranged between 5-7 Million range. He had figured out the path to get downloads, however the apps lacked engagement. Through a series of experiments he learned that people have their free time scattered around the day. But most folks don’t have any fix idea what to do in that unscheduled free time , most of the time we don’t consider all of our option .

You need to nudge people at right time and they are willing to take the cue and act on it, says Singh. “I thought right now I am using this insight to make people use their free time to play [ my] games. But can I make them to do something which is really important to them. I joined hand with two of my friend and we started our company : Signals . Shifu is result of our eight months hard work”

Shifu is an intelligent personal assistant app who understands the user phone habits. It knows when a person has free time and what are the activities they are most likely to do in that time . Shifu uses this understanding to help you make efficient use of your free time. For example if you have 10 minutes of free time during the day and you tend to make all your call during the day so Shifu will know that this is the time when you can possibly return the call . So if you have miss the call from your friend Shifu will remind you to do that . In the same fashion Shifu can also remind you things based on Location , Network availability and calls .

The app is supported by two other co-founders, Michael, an  IIT KGP Allumni with 5 year of work Ex in server side technologies and Deepansh who leads all of the client side initiatives at Signals.

 Shifu is currently having 50000+ users and is gaining traction in the Middle East.

When asked about a business model, Singh says,”We are sufficiently funded for near future and we don’t have pressure to make money . Wehaven’t thought of a  business model as of now and are focused on building a product to provide excellent services to our users . We will figure out business model once we have scale and product market fit.”

“We are only scratching the surface of what can be done with Shifu . We have a long road map of feature and enhancements for our app . Our users keep sending us feature request . Going forward we are working on expanding our device coverage , getting our experience right and expanding user base globally . In terms of future road map we are working on things like smart phone book , smart battery alert and integration with various third party services”, says Singh

 The app is currently available on for download.

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