UAE Online Advertising Market To Grow By 30% By 2018

According to a report by PwC UAE online advertising revenue will increase by a CAGR 34.6% by 2018. Mobile internet advertising revenue will reach $494 million in the U.A.E by 2014, more than four times larger than display advertising.

Egypt will see their Internet advertising revenue increase by a CAGR of 31.8%.

Globally, Internet advertising is closing in on TV advertising to become the largest entertainment and media advertising segment. In 2013, total Internet advertising revenue was US$117.2bn. The figure will increase to US$194.5bn in 2018, a 10.7% CAGR meaning that it is closing in on TV advertising revenue as the largest advertising segment.

Internet vs tv ads

Global paid search Internet advertising has the largest share of total Internet advertising revenue, at US$48.4bn in 2013. While its overall share of the market will diminish as video and mobile advertising become increasingly important.

Search and other digital forms of advertising


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