Where Should Brands Go During Ramadan?

With mobile proving itself to be a game-changer across the Middle East, the below is a very interesting infographic provided by Facebook MENA team with regards to what today’s marketers must think about reaching people during the Holy month of Ramadan across a variety of channels.
According to IPSOS, 77% of Facebook’s 30.3m monthly users in UAE, KSA and Egypt are using Facebook during prime time, with 3.3x more second-screeners than Twitter.
Chatter about popular TV shows spikes during Ramadan, as does talk of Ramadan and Eid. Across MENA, GCC, Levant and North Africa ‘Ramadan’ chatter is driven by males, with a 55% share. Fifty-six percent of that chatter comes from 25-44 year-olds. ‘Eid’ chatter is even more dominated by men, with a 63% share and 69% from 25-44 year-olds. NewsFeed is now the place people turn to discover new things, share Ramadan experiences with friends or connect with extended family and loved ones.























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