Which Is The Best Social Platform For Advertising – Infographic

The virality element in the Social Media platforms has almost ceased to exist. Most of the social platforms expect brands to pay for promoting their content or services. social media ads platform

With the options of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, it can be hard to identify which is suitable for your brand and which will produce the best results. You need to identify your objectives, your target audience and the type of marketing you are involved with. The below infographic by myclever provides some useful statistics on 3 platforms helping you to make a decision. Some interesting stats on social media advertising:-


  • Facebook have 1,317 million monthly active users
  • Twitter have 284 million.
  • Facebook have ad revenue of $11.4 billion.
  • LinkedIn is most suitable for B2B ads
  • 42 minutes spent on Facebook per day.
  • Twitter = 86% on mobile.
  • Average web traffic driven: Facebook = 23.4%

Ad objectives

  • Facebook: Audience growth, engagement, leads, events and web traffic. Twitter: NOT for offers or events. LinkedIn: Engagement, video views and web traffic.


  • Minimum cost per click: Facebook and Twitter = $0.01
  • LinkedIn: $0.02
  • Minimum daily budget: Twitter and Facebook = $1.00

best cost effective cheao social platform for advertising


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