Gameguise Launches Middle East Game Portal

GG Media Ltd., doing business as Gameguise, announces the launch of its online game portal, gameguisefeaturing an initial line-up of massively multiplayer online (MMO) games available both in Arabic and English. The portal is the company’s response to increasing demand by gamers situated in the Middle East for regional portals offering a variety of browser and mobile-based games accompanied with a bundle of social features.

“The space is relatively empty of gaming portals dedicated to an Arabic audience,” says Amir-Esmaeil Bozorgzadeh, Chief Executive at Gameguise. “They are there, they exist, but the supply simply doesn’t meet the demand in terms of the library of games or the sophistication of the platforms delivering them.”

The Gameguise portal currently includes an impressive feature set, with a series of add-ons planned to activate in upcoming months extending to 2015. The site will eventually include features such as single-sign on (SSO) so that players do not have to register more than once to play new games, a centralized payment gateway, gamification modules such as activity leaderboards, social media integration, and multilingual community forums, all with particular focus on Middle East based gamers.

“The end result is going to be a seamless experience that incorporates all of the best practices players notice on global gaming portals,” says Hossein Jalali, Chief Technology Officer at Gameguise. “We intend to optimize first with a soft-launch that gradually expands the user interface step-by-step.”

The portal’s initial game lineup includes popular regional MMO titles from European developers such as Imperia Online, Goodgame Studios, XS Software, BigPoint, Travian, and AmberGames. The games are freemium-based meaning that they are free to play but also provide for in-game purchases for those players who wish to advance faster in the game.

“In terms of mobile, we’re gearing to launch a library of HTML5 games rather than focus on the same MMO titles available on the browser-version of the portal,” adds Jalali. “These relatively simple games are more casual, more fitting to the mobile experience, and require far less load time which is what a large subset of mobile players demand.”

Click here to visit the portal.

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