MBC Group’s Twitter Dominance During Ramadan 2014

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We are once again proud to be partnering with Meltwater, a leading Online Media Monitoring company, to bring to you the below infographic relating to people’s online engagement with MBC Group’s TV shows during the month of Ramadan.

The series monitored, which appeared on MBC 1 and MBC Masr, were the following:
- Sa7eb Al Sa3ada: صاحب السعادة
- Saraya Abdeen: سرايا عابدين
- Bab el 7ara: باب الحارة
- WiFi: واي فاي
- Ibn 7alal: ابن حلال
- Ramez Kersh el Ba7er: رامز قرش البحر
- Imbaratoriyyat Meen: امبراطورية مين
- Thuraya: ثريا
As for the monitored ​period, it was from June 27, 2014 till August 10, 2014.
Eventhough all social media channels were monitored, Twitter was by far the most dominant channel.
Stay tuned for more updates relating to this topic in our next posts.



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