2GIS – An Interactive Mobile Business Directory For Dubai

Business networking and finding your way through the bustling city of Dubai just got easy with the recent launch of techno-savvy international directory service called 2GIS. Consisting of an accurate 3D map and a detailed directory with information of about 90,000 companies in Dubai, it has been conceptualized for ease with a focus on making its user’s lives uncomplicated and hassle-free.


Reckoning the need for an application that’s driven by sound technology and constantly updated to match the ever-changing landscapes of Dubai; the 2GIS application requires an internet connection only once a month to update. Thereafter users can access the application offline as it can function fully without the internet. With online, mobile and PC versions, it can be installed for free on iPhones, iPads, Android mobile devices and BlackBerry. For those who are more accustomed to finding information on the web can use the online version that does not require downloading the application.

Currently the 2GIS map of Dubai already shows 156,000 buildings and structures and contains information on 84,000 organizations in the city. It also flashes contact details, working hours, payment methods of these organizations and helps you get there using public or personal transport. Not only does it allow hassle-free commuting but also guides through parking spaces as the service now contains 5463 parking lots. Due to its built-in function, which enables to locate the current position of the user on the map, 2GIS shows how far the desired location is and directions to get to it. In addition to that, by clicking on any building, one can obtain information about the organizations located within it along with detailed directory information on each one of them.

The 3D-map contains detailed models of the main landmarks of the city, such as Burj Khalifa. In addition to that, the mobile version of 2GIS contains detailed plans of all levels at The Dubai Mall. Detailed plan of every floor enables one to quickly find their way around in one of the biggest malls in the world and find exactly what they need. In the future, such maps are going to be made available for other malls in the city.

The service can be downloaded and installed not only on mobile devices, but on PCs too.


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