Why Are Women Under-Represented In Tech?

Educators have been gnashing their collective teeth to figure out why women are under-represented in tech world. The best explanation, from years of analysis and interviewing, is that computing is not viewed as a girls’ sport. Young women aren’t exposed to computing, or steered in that direction by parents, peers or career counsellors.

Lack of women taking up tech related degrees translates into the workforce, where at many tech companies, males form the overwhelming majority. This leads to women experiencing sexism and feeling like they don’t belong. According to a survey by The Guardian, 73% of workers in the tech industry believe the industry is sexist. With news stories of sexism rife in the industry, it’s clear there is a work culture problem of ‘brogrammers’ that needs addressing. Below is an interesting infographic by Nextgeneration depicting this issue.

women in tech infographic


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