Cwikwin – UAE’s First Contest Driven Mobile App

Middle East is one of the fastest growing Smartphone markets and UAE, with over 80% residents usingcwikwon Smartphones is one of the highest penetrated markets. Smartphones are becoming central to our lives not only for communication and gaming but also for shopping, entertainment and managing utility needs. In lieu of the upswing, Concept Diary FZC has announced the launch of a new mobile app called Cwikwin for Android and iOS users.
An easy to download app, Cwikwin, a play on the words quick and win, offers exciting prizes for its users. The exhilarating new mobile app provides a digital hub for UAE residents to participate and compete in quiz contests of their choice for various brands, products and services through their mobile devices. In the past year, Cwikwin has hosted nearly a 100 contests from brands in electronics, health care, amusement, entertainment, education and more. In addition, a total of 280 contest prizes have been announced since launch including smartphones, tablets, medical packages, dinner vouchers and movie tickets.
Kishore Chand, an established entrepreneur and the mastermind behind Cwikwin, insists the Cwikwin mobile app will provide a great marketing opportunity for business. He developed a deep understanding of the opportunities of mobile applications and digital marketing through his 15-year career in the telecom industry and aims to make the most of the growing popularity of the social web in the UAE.

“We know that these days’ people are immersed in their smartphones and their apps – shopping, sharing, researching and buying anytime of the day or night. That represents a huge marketing opportunity for businesses. Keeping this in mind, Cwikwin will not only help brands connect with their target audience to drive brand engagement, but also serve as an online hub of contests where users can find multiple contests from various brands of UAE to win exciting prizes.” says Kishore Chand, Co-Founder of Cwikwin.

The Cwikwin mobile app has a contemporary, sleek and vibrant lay out, it’s extremely simple to use, making it user-friendly for all those digitally less skilled users out there, and it’s open to all genders above 18 years of age. To participate, you simply sign up, play and claim your prize. What stands out about Cwikwin is its vast range of prizes.

A winner can compete to win anything from concert tickets to digital devices and even medical services. The interactive app also offers a Loyalty Programme, where a user can earn points with every correct answer. The points can then be used to redeem rewards from the Cwikwin online store.


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