Job: Digital Marketing Manager

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Title Digital Marketing Manager
Location Dubai
Job Information

Job description

  1. Manage the overall marketing strategies, method and plan of the company in all regions.
  2. Manage the overall digital marketing strategies, including but not limited to SMO, SEO/SEM, and Content Marketing.
  3. Oversee the brainstorming, creation, planning and implementation of marketing strategies, product branding, advertisement and online and print promotional campaigns.
  4. Oversee the overall PR strategy such as Media Relations, creating editorial content, promoting external events, online management reputation and social media.
  5. Manage and  keep up to date the overall brand management, brand asset and corporate identity
  6. Manage and monitor the creation and publication of all marketing material in line with marketing plans and budget.
  7. Design and implement an effective distribution of marketing materials.
  8. Monitor, evaluate and report on effectiveness of marketing communications, enhancing and revising plans and strategies to improve the overall productivity and quality.
  9. Monitor and analyze market trends, creating and implementing marketing and business development strategies based on analysis and feedback.
  10. Identify target markets and developing strategies to communicate with them.
  11. Conduct market research and study competitors’ products and services where appropriate.
  12. Research and develop pricing strategies, considering company’s objective, market characteristics, cost and markup factors and customer satisfaction.
  13. Analyze the financial aspects of product development, such as budgets, expenditures, research and development appropriations, and return-on-investment and profit-loss projections.
  14. Liaise with other departments in launching new product, develop and manage marketing plans to introduce new product and features to the customers.
  15. Develop and lead a marketing team that will discover and explore new marketing and Digital strategies, create and execute new concepts and business models.
  16. Supervise the day-to-day functions of the creative and social media team to ensure a successful execution of marketing plans. This includes driving the creative process, drafting of creative briefs, production, data selection and multi-channel management.
  17. Manage CRM to ensure that; customer’s interaction and data is well managed and analyzed; enrich business relationship with customers; customer’s insight are evaluated and taken into consideration for product improvement.
  18. Deliberate, plan and manage the overall marketing communication budget of the company and reports to the CEO.
  19. Maintain effective internal communications to ensure that all relevant company functions are kept informed of marketing objectives and policies.

Desired Skills and Experience


–          Bachelor Degree equivalent in a business, marketing, communications, PR or related field

–          Minimum of 5 years UAE experience

–          Minimum of 3 years managerial position

–          Knowledge in Digital Marketing

–          Knowledge of internet communications techniques

–          knowledge of a wide range of marketing techniques and concepts


–          People Management Skill

–          Excellent written and verbal Communication Skill

–          Strong analytical and project management skills.

–          Strong creativity and resourcefulness

–          Time Management Skill

–          Team Player

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Avaz is a leading Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency. We are looking for Professionals who are highly driven, self-motivated, enthusiastic, team player and goal-oriented to join our team. We consider every Employee a vital asset for success and we hope you will take pride in becoming part of our excellence driven team. 

Company Avaz
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