How Are Jordanian Telcom Companies Using Twitter?

Jordan has a highly developed communications infrastructure. Jordan’s telecom infrastructure is growing at a very rapid pace and continually being updated and expanded. Jordan’s industry remains the most competitive in the Middle East. According to Business Monitor International  there...
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Mobile Data Middle East

Mobile Phone Usage In The Middle East And North Africa

A visual representation of mobile phone use created by Lebara shows that, across the globe, how people use their handsets varies a lot. The below infographic shows how people use their mobile phones to text, chat, tweet and more. The use of mobile phones around the world differs massively between the...
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Retailer Social Media

Saudi Arabian Consumer Electronic Retailers Take The Lead On Social Media

Source:Matt Hamm,via Creative Commons According to a research by Channel EMEA consumer electronic retailers in the Middle East have caught up with Social Media. Retailers in Saudi Arabia have the most number of followers on Twitter and Facebook. Big box retailer Extra takes the lead on both Twitter (83,189...
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Facebook Cost of a Fan in Middle EAST

Cost of a Facebook Fan in the Middle East

A recent report by The Online Project gives an average cost of acquiring a fan on Facebook per industry in the Middle East. The report covers 11 countries in the Arab world, across eight industries: Telecoms, Consumer Goods, Automotive, Airlines, Electronics, Banking and Finance, and Public Figures.  The...
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WSA Mobile Summit

Middle East App developers to be awarded at the Global Mobile Congress in Abu Dhabi

Three mobile apps from Middle East were selected as the winners in the 2012 World Summit Award for mobile content (WSA -mobile) to be held in Abu Dhabi next month. The three mobile apps developed were for mobile learning, business and entertainment. On a biannual basis, the contest selects 40 of the...
Arab Spring

Politics, Community Issues and Religion on Social Media in Middle East

Credit Dan H Creative Commons The role of social media in 2011 Arab Spring uprisings will always be debated. Some argue that social media helped activists to coordinate and communicate with the protesters that sparked the revolt. While others may argue that social media was not actively embraced by...
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Investment in Online Startups in the Middle East and North Africa

The Internet and Technology space is emerging in the Middle East and North Africa Region. However, there is a lack of transparency on these investments that allow us to monitor developments in the start up space and act as a guide for other investors and entrepreneurs. In the absence of data it became...
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Payment Gateways in Middle EAST

Payment Gateways in the Middle East

As e-Commerce sites continue to grow in the region, many online players are still looking for an affordable gateway to process payments. There are several successful e-Commerce companies in the region like Souq and MarkAVip, and an increasing number of entrepreneurs are launching online businesses. For...

Social Media and Entrepreneurship in Middle East

Dubai School of Government has released a study on Social Media and Entrepreneurship in Middle East. The study focuses on how is Social Media perceived among businesses in the region, its drawbacks and benefits and how are entrepreneurs using it. When entrepreneurs were asked what is the primary use...
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Middle East and North Africa Twitter Statistics

Twitter Stats for Middle East and North Africa region

Image Source - Twitter Infograph The Official Twitter stats of the Middle East and North Africa region have been released courtesy Dubai School of Government – Arab Social Media Report. Follow them on Twitter  A few highlights – Saudi Arabia has the highest number of active Twitter...