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FeedYak®, a video platform and app, has officially launched and is now available for both Android andfeedyak iOS. The new platform is disrupting the way people request and give feedback, endorsements and recommendations about individuals and businesses. The app can be downloaded immediately at or in Google Play or the iOS App Store.

Created for Android and iOS, FeedYak® is a video platform that is disrupting the way people request and give feedback, endorsements and recommendations about individuals and businesses. The app enables users to identify themselves and their accomplishments by recording video testimonials, requesting video feedback from anyone with a smart phone, and showcasing video reviews by sharing on social networks, blogs and other apps.

This interactive, two-way communication channel can help users establish their merits both socially and professionally as well as help to support customer communities and better communicate customer experiences. The FeedYak® app brings more accountability to users and more validity to reviews because video is honest, emotive and visual. For more information, log on to or download the app in Google Play or the iOS App Store.

“Today it is possible to capture single moments on most social networks, but not a single offering focuses on capturing opinions around an individual or experiences with a composite of images, videos and words from third parties,” said David Watkins, co-founder and CEO of FeedYak. “FeedYak allows users to record personal statements as well as record and request feedback from others to create a rich and detailed online profile that reveals who they are, what qualities they possess and what accomplishments they have earned both personally and professionally, thereby better positioning themselves for their next great opportunity.”

Because video is honest, emotive and visual, FeedYak can also be used to help support customer communities and to better understand perspectives of target consumer groups. FeedYak puts users inside the minds of the people who matter most to them in a way that no other method can achieve.

“With the news that Facebook is doubling down on mobile video and improving mobile profiles with video, plus the wide distrust for a “Yelp for People” app, FeedYak is being introduced as the app that portrays a truer version of an individual than any other social media platform,” said Richard Watkins, co-founder and CTO, FeedYak. “FeedYak makes it easy to figure someone out by watching videos their friends, co-workers, bosses, teachers, or anyone have recorded talking about that person. Before you pick your next hire, roommate, babysitter, girlfriend or boyfriend you can see FeedYak’s video testimonials and written feedback to help make your decision.”

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