Is Kngine better than SIRI?

Fascinated by SIRI? Awe and sheer amazement were among the few emotions that I felt the first time I met SIRI. I couldn’t believe that instead of having to look and type, I could speak to my phone and get things done. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what I could do with SIRI by my side. It was good but it wasn’t anything like ‘vici’ the humanoid from the TV series ‘small wonder’. I must admit that I found it annoying when SIRI misinterpreted everything that I asked of it. I came across many articles on the internet explaining that SIRI is in its beta stage and its future may hold many promising features that would help us. It is true that we cannot ignore the fact that this brilliant innovation can recognize human language and even respond to queries. Even though it helps me set reminders, SIRI cannot edit them.

Interestingly enough I am now accompanied by a smarter digital companion called Kngine. Kngine is a web3.0 search engine very similar to SIRI, headquartered in Egypt and founded by Haytham and Ashraf ElFadeel. The search engine  provides meaningful responses that contain a higher degree of relevance. This includes the ability to: display Semantic Information about keywords, display customized results, answer the user’s questions, or even discover the relationships between the keywords, and link the different kind of data together. With Kngine, you can search for weather conditions in a city, stock price of a company, or even the latest sports results. Converting from one currency to another is possible too. It also has features which provide information like events that happened on a particular day or a list of latest sport (Soccer, Tennis, and Basketball) match results. I found kngine and SIRI to have a few issues in common though.

SIRI and kngine do not adhere to the rules of switching to silent mode. You cannot reduce the volume of the voice response either; which I found to be a major disadvantage. Most questions such as ‘Inventor of the bulb’ would be met with “shall I do a websearch” by SIRI and an actual response with names and details relating to them by Kngine. I find that it makes sense having to deal with an actual answer to my question rather than links from a search result. Kngine provides me with meaningful search results for restaurants, movies etc whereas SIRI responds with “ I cannot search for places in QATAR”. I find that I cannot measure its true value unless I belong to the country that it’s made for unlike It’s competitor who doesn’t discriminate.

to download the app.

I asked both SIRI and Kngine some questions and have listed down their responses below.




What is the temperate in QATAR? 91 Degrees F, Clear Its hot in Doha ..about 31 degrees 
Distance between Bahrain and Qatar?  127.642 kms in mile 79.313 milesin nautical mile : 68.927 nml Getting directions from Manama to Doha
How many Euros make a Dollar? 1eur = 1.226 USD Input interpretation : convert $1 to eurosResult:  0.7718 euros
Chinese restaurants in Doha? Al muntaza plaza 0.6kms,holiday villa hotel 0.6kms,

asian’s chef 0.5kms

Retaj inn 1.6kms

sorry, I cant look for restaurants in Qatar
Movie review on Dark Knight the dark knight – rotten tomatoes sorry, I don’t see any movies matching ‘dark knight’
Dial contact   4 innovative ways to dial a friend on a your iphone(search result) calling contact
Jan 26  anniversaries for Jan 26 (list of various anniversaries during the day picked up from search engines) you don’t have any events on your calendar January 26,2013
Read Email  Email tracking information(Search result) okay, I found atleast 25 emails. I cant read your email to you. Sorry, about that
Founders of Facebook chris hughes, dustin moskovitz, mark zuckerberg sorry, I cant look for places in Qatar
Nearest ATM

Al meera 1.1kms, American hospital 1.4kms, Al arabi sports club 1.4kms SIRI: sorry , I cant look for places in Qatar


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