Middle East Cars Go-Green

Credit: Michael Craven, Creative Commons

Serge Monros, Founder, Chief Executive Officer/Chief TechnologyOfficer, SaviCorp and Victor Chu, President, SaviCorp are pleased to announce that per the exclusive distribution agreement signed in May,2013 between SaviCorp and DynoGreen Tech, the initial order of 2,000 DynoValve units has been delivered to Dubai.

The DynoValve(R) is a patented automotive emissions system that replaces the manufacturers’ PCV valve with a more effective, active, digitally-controlled system. It recycles unburned fuel and oil vapor from the crankcase back into the combustion chamber to be reburned. This reduces harmful emissions, increases MPG and engine performance,among other benefits.

The DynoValve is designed for use in automotive gasoline powered vehicles. The DynoValve ® replaces OEM PCV valve. The DynoValve ® eliminates the vacuum problems associated with today’s standard PCV valves by optimally regulating the flow of engine blow-by gases

The first 2,000 units are essentially only “the tip of the iceberg”comments Savvy Green President Saheed Kottoth. “Many of the initial units are display and demo units that will help drive sales from corporate fleets in projected markets. In addition introduction of the DynoValve to the European market was extremely promising with our recent Auto mechanika Moscow 2013 Exhibition as an exhibitor.” Kottothfurther explains. In anticipation of the significant increase in the demand from DynoGreen Tech, much has been invested into retooling the completely upgraded DynoValve production capacity to supply orders ofup to 50,000 units per month, and more. That level of capacity should be online within the next sixty days. The Savi team is confident this kind of volume can give SaviCorp greater margins and more flexibility in pricing to our volume distributors and a fatter bottom line to our shareholders.

“We are really happy with the progress that our distributor’s Dubai organization, Savvy Green (A member of DynoGreen Tech, LLC, USA), has been making with its marketing and infrastructure development,”comments Monros. Besides the delivery of units, training of local installers continues as the distributor installation network is progressively built. Installs and training by SaviCorp staff has already taken place in Dubai, Moscow, and Kuwait. Technician travel to Saudi Arabia, UAE, and India have been slated for September.


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