first solar

First Solar To Build Jordan’s Biggest Solar Plant

US photovoltaic company First Solar, Inc. (Nasdaq: FSLR), which plans to build one of the region’s biggest solar power plants in southern Jordan, said recent major oil price fluctuations mean it’s vital for states in the region to continue diversifying their energy sources. First Solar had announced...
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green cars

Middle East Cars Go-Green

Credit: Michael Craven, Creative Commons Serge Monros, Founder, Chief Executive Officer/Chief TechnologyOfficer, SaviCorp and Victor Chu, President, SaviCorp are pleased to announce that per the exclusive distribution agreement signed in May,2013 between SaviCorp and DynoGreen Tech, the initial order...
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clean tech middle east

Middle East Renewable Energy Targets Until 2020

Middle East has been recently bullish about clean tech. Significant investments in renewable energy infrastructure has given it a boost. A recent white paper released by Frost and Sullivan shows that Kuwait will have 10% of its energy requirements sourced from clean technologies. Solar energy is being...
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A Car That Travels 1000 KM On A Litre Of Fuel – Designed By Emirati Students

For Illustration Purpose A team of engineering students in the UAE have designed a car that could potentially travel up to 1,000 km on just one litre of fuel. The lightweight vehicle — named Eco-Dubai 1 — is in its final stage of construction and will begin testing in the next two weeks. The...
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An online startup in Egypt is in the business of recycling e-Waste

An Egyptian electronic waste collection company, RecycloBekia, was set up in April, 2011, by the CEO and Founder, Mostafa Hemdan. RecycloBekia was born with the idea of a company that could maintain profits and be valuable to the community. This company functions with means of proposing a green recycling...
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