Middle East Renewable Energy Targets Until 2020

Middle East has been recently bullish about clean tech. Significant investments in renewable energy infrastructure has given it a boost. A recent white paper released by Frost and Sullivan shows that Kuwait will have 10% of its energy requirements sourced from clean technologies. Solar energy is being considered as a viable source of energy to meet the emerging needs.

UAE takes the lead in this field with its Shams and Noor projects and setting up the Masdar city. The oil rich GCC countries have started exploring various alternatives as they are aware their current reserves may not last for the future generation.

Saudi Arabia was faced with power shortages last year in spite of having massive proven oil reserves. A few initiative by the country are a 3.5 MW power plant to be built by ARAMCO, tendered in 2011, using Solar power for powering Control Panel devices to fend off pipeline corrosion.



Qatar’s recent success in winning the bid to host the FIFA 2022 will boost the renewable energy sourcing in the region. The country has promised to cool the stadiums using solar power.


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