Sticky Notes For Your iPhone 5 – A Great Reminder Tool

I Love Handles’ new Paperback iPhone 5 post-its are a brilliant tool for people who love paper.

The iOS App Store is filled with thousands of innovative apps that help you in note-taking. However, nothing beats the pen and paper. That’s what makes these Paperback sticky notes the perfect for the digital world.

They’re designed to adhere to the back of your iPhone 5. With Paperback, you can do a quick sketch or make a list the old-fashioned way, and slap it on the back of your phone.

A pad of 80 adhesive paper sheets costs $7.95. By comparison, a pack of four tall Post-It note pads costs about the same on Amazon.

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  1. September 19, 2013 at 11:04 pm #

    This seems like one of those ideas that’s very simple and almost stupid. No offense to the owners or anything. I’d say because of that it’s going to sell well at least for a bit. People must be forgetting they have notes on their phones! Thanks for sharing!

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