The Wikipedia Of Arabic Infographics

Three Saudi entrepreneurs launched to archive all Arabic infographics in one place, offering at 1avthe same time a customized infographic design service.
We met with Arinfograophic founder and CEO Sami Al Mutairi to understand more about this project and the motive behind creating it.
How did you come up with the idea of the website?
As graphic designers and entrepreneurs, we, founders of Arinfographic (myself, Mogren Al Mogren, and Khalid Salman) liked visually the infographic platform, and we were  interested in building projects and services which improve and develop the Arabic online content in the Middle East North Africa region. The concept of the infographic is built on the idea of representing any type of data or information in the form of visual content. Many believe that images, symbols, and drawings are the easiest and fastest ways to convey a message to readers.
When did the project come to life?
arinfographic is one of our projects in arabdoss technology. It kicked off on social media in the beginning of August 2013 as we needed to get to test whether the audience will accept the concept, like it, use it, and share it. When we realized that this initiative has alot of potential, we proceeded in working on the website which was launched during the ArabNet Riyadh event in November 2013.
What is the objective of the website?
We would like infographics to be used in education, journalism, marketing etc , and to encourage other fellow Arabic graphic designer to develop and improve the infographic field, which will, we are sure create endless possibilities for future jobs especially in the design industry.
What kind of infographics do you do?
Our infographics range from technology, to science, social media, education, entrepreneurship, space, and to life. Anything has is relevant to the MENA region and contributes enriching it with Arabic content, we work on creating an infographic for.
Why did you choose Arabic only infographics?
The reasons are numerous:
- We are Arabs,
- We are from the MENA region,
- Arabic is the fastest growing language online,
- Arabic online content is way behind other languages,
- The infographic design industry in the MENA region is way behind in comparison to rest of the world
We felt, as Arabs, the need to contribute by offering relevant information and material.
Who are your competitors?
When we launched the project, there weren’t any websites from the MENA region that have the same offering, however, in 2014, we noticed a few other websites moving in the same direction as ours. There is the Saudi Byani platform, which is also striving to be the foremost reference for Arabic infographics. The Jordanian company N2V also launched the Discover Digital Arabia initiative to create and post the latest trends and statistics on the internet and mobile apps status in the Arab world in the form of interactive content that focuses on infographics and video.


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