A Child Safety App Launches Its Fundraising Campaign

Has my child arrived at school safely?

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This is one of many concerns parents are talking about online. One of most popular topics is how to achieve a child’s independence when a child starts going to school on their own. Most children get easily distracted on the street or have a tricky journey to school, thus parents do not feel comfortable about leaving them alone. The fact that it is best not to wait to introduce independent travel until high school only raises the pressure on parents. They can become nervous and overprotective when it comes to child safety. Independent travel to school needs to happen; the question is when.

SaferChild is an a solution in development that promises to tackle the child safety issue. It combines a mobile app, a smart locator and a cloud service. It allows parents to plan and monitor a child’s daily routine in a non-intrusive way. Parents can use SaferChild to set up indoor and outdoor control checkpoints, use parent alert, schedule daily activities, and use private location and time aware text messaging.

In contrary to the majority of child controlling systems on the market, the SaferChild is not designed solely as a tracking solution. SaferChild is intended for modern families, helping them to stay connected and relaxed in everyday life. SaferChild wants to serve children as a guidance to an independent childhood. Donate and support the app today.


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