Google Experiments With Ad Free Content

We have tried using various tools like Ad Blocker and trying to turn off the ads from settings while surfing online. Google ContributerGoogle has now come up with an option for web users to opt out of ads on selected websites by paying the search giant as little as $1 per month. The experimental new service, called Contributor,

How does it work

A user can choose a monthly contribution from $1-3 and set your monthly amount. The more you contribute, the more you support the websites you visit. Once the uses pay, the ads that normally show will be replaced with a banner that says “Thank you for being a contributor.” The ad space would act like an ad-blocker.

Participating site owners are compensated, depending on the amount of times “contributors” visit their website, with payments made through Google’s AdSense system, in the same way as they would be compensated for hosting the Google-sold adverts. It is not clear though if the website earns more money displaying ads v/s being part of the ‘Contributer’ program. The program has currently enrolled  only 6 US based websites.

There is a catch though, this program will only block ads served by Google Ad server. If a website has other 3rd party ads running, the user will see those ads.

As initially mentioned in the article, web users are happy to use the ad blocker tools to block all possible ads, so why would some one pay for blocking ads?

Publishers are increasingly turning to various other sources to fund their websites. Google Contributor at least gives web users a way of rewarding websites without having to set up a separate subscription on each site.

Visit ‘‘ now to get an invitation.


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