500 Startups at Make Business Hub – Live

The event organized by 500 Startups, one of the world’s most influential tech investors and startups accelerators. Geeks on Plane (GEOP) is a high profile initiative to bring global entrepreneurs and press around the world under one roof. We would be live blogging from the event.


That’s the end of the event..hope you guys had fun! #makeignition http://bit.ly/TCII7e


Its Snapp pitching on the stage  #makeignition http://bit.ly/TCII7e

A loyalty program app

Check them at snapp.ae


Its Alex Tohme pitching bra’s for boobs #makeignition  http://bit.ly/TCII7e

Global lingerie market 30 million

Need a bra  that fits obese women

Focus on Mobile Commerce

Its Amourah.com


Game Play Sport  pitching at  #makeignition

The startup helps people manage their gaming activity or wants to join local sporting activity

Provides – Better organization, Will launch in Dec 2012

Business Model – Subscription, Partnership and Advertorial – as people start forming teams online the startup intends to charge them.

Want to own lifetime of an athlete.

Check them out at Gameplaysport.com


The GOAPs on the stage #makeignition


Now its time for Local Entrepreneurs to pitch for their startup.. #makeignition



500 Startups did their first Middle EAST investment in Jordan #makeignition #JEERAN


English, Spanish, Mandrin & Arabic are key languages to be focused by tech entrepreneurs #makeignition


Localize business for customer needs, #makeignition e.g do a mandarin travel site in Brazil, as many chinese may be staying there. People will become more and more mobile


Replicate the offline business online #KISS #makeignition says Dave


Focus on customer problems and not just the technology #makeignition


50 – 80 % of the Global GDP is not from public companies #makeignition


Consumer Commerce = eCommerce and Subscription model will be big #makeignition


eCommerce is exciting as more people buy stuff online #makeignition


Real time search is interesting as people want information on the go #makeignition


Photography, Social Games, Mobile Devices hottest in #Silicon Valley #makeignition


Please don’t straight away approach for investment but use your network/trusted resources #makeignition 


Most of the investments come through trusted referrals #makeignition


400 investments done by 500 startups till date #makeignition


VC industry is on a decline #makeignition says


A 3rd of co. are out of business in 1st year and another 3rd in 2 years #makeignition


Need entrepreneurs who want to resolve problems and just not become famous #makeignition


says if you own 20-50% of a company #makeignition you are done for life  - a couple of millions make sense :)


Large VC/funds interested in billions and not millions #makeignition


Most of the starts up will fail but need to learn from experience #makeignition


eCom models need only a couple of thousand users to make revenue #makeignition


Ad based models need more users and be a strong player #makeignition


#500 Startups invest in startups not necessarily making revenue from day one #makeignition but should have a business model


500 Startups invests in products that are functional and not just in infancy stage #makeignition


Just in case its http://500.co/about/ #makeignition


A lot of main stream consumer adoption started forming in the Valley in the 90′s – 2000′ #makeignition #GOAP (Facebook, Google, Yahoo etc)


Dave Mclure introduces himself… #makeignition – been in the Silicon valley for 20 years then pay pal and then Angel investment


Dave McClure founder of 500 start ups on the stage with Leith Matthew #makebusinesshub


Crowd picking up Dubai – 500 Startups Event

Leith Matthews founder of Maker Business Hub on the stage. Potential delay as the Geeks are on the way :)

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