Egypt’s First E-Commerce Training Program

Image by Rick Harris via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution

With 31 million Egyptians surfing and shopping online, EFE-Egypt and Arab E-commerce leader Souq are expanding Egypt’s first dedicated e-commerce training program to provide skilled young talent for a growing industry.

Launched three years ago, EFE-Egypt’s e-Commerce Associate Program was developed in coordination with Souq to deliver best practice training for Souq content associates in today’s rapidly evolving technology environment.

In response to growth in the market, Souq and EFE-Egypt have expanded the program beyond Souq’s hiring needs to train 120 Egyptian youth in online marketing, logistics and supply chains, content management and social media administration.

The program is a market-driven response to the demand for skilled entry-level e-commerce professionals and high rates of youth unemployment in Egypt. “80% of Egyptians aged between 15 and 29 already suffer from unemployment while there is a clear market shortage for qualified e-commerce specialists to address the country’s growing appetite for everything online,” says EFE-Egypt CEO Shahinaz Ahmed. She explains that the program is “a clear win scenario for everyone – employers, employees and the Egyptian economy,”

Souq General Manager Omar Soudodi highlighted the role that private companies can play in supporting youth employment and job growth. “ Egypt is delighted to be working with EFE Egypt on this strategic initiative that will serve as a catalyst for skills development and job creation for the next generation of Egyptian technology professionals.” Often termed the “Amazon of the Middle East”, Souq is the largest e-commerce site in the Arab world.

Press Release – EFE


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