An online startup in Egypt is in the business of recycling e-Waste

An Egyptian electronic waste collection company, RecycloBekia, was set up in April, 2011, by the CEO and Founder, Mostafa Hemdan. RecycloBekia was born with the idea of a company that could maintain profits and be valuable to the community. This company functions with means of proposing a green recycling and data destruction, with renovation as its middle name. As the slogan of RecycloBekia says ‘Recycling Army’, the website affirms that this startup spreads the culture of recycling through forming recycling army to fight the dangerous e-waste. Therefore, this army aims to assist a greener environment by protecting the earth from natural resources, and preserving the earth from pollution.

RecycloBekia was an effort by Mostafa Hemdan to lead a team of 20 students in funding the idea of this startup with a capital of only 1000 $, sign deals with huge e-waste recycling factories and some multinational companies. The online waste collection company is well known for getting rid of its electronic waste for free by facilitating a Pickup process. Those who want a free e-waste pickup need to fill a form. RecycloBekia responds to the request by reaching the e-waste location and picks the waste for free. Once that is done, RecycloBekia offers the person with a green certificate which states that they have lend a hand towards the greener environment, and if a company helps in providing a great action, then the logo of the company would be added to the Green companies list. Some of the green companies that are already a part of RecycloBekia’s green list are Domina Coral Bay, InfoFort, Manarat El Mostaqbal, IBC, Spear Ink, Thirty Three Designs, AVAK, and RAYA. The online Pickup form is made available here.

As a result, RecycloBekia classifies what is old, and restores them with a new look. The website also confirmed that “RecycloBekia gives away some refurbished devices to the community and others are sold to local retailers.” It sends e-waste to 100% green recycling factories that are keen in offering help towards a greener environment. The vision of RecycloBekia  is to be the best e-waste collecting company in the MENA region, and to make a quantum leap in the culture of e-waste recycling among the people of the region. Hence, it plans to aim for business expansion in order to provide the service to the maximum number of clients, and to extend the culture of recycling.

Currently, the company has competition from the local scrap dealers and garbage collectors. Most of these companies are involved in illegal recycling and sell the dump in black market. The company plans to introduce a loyalty rewards scheme, whereby customers who give waste for recycling will be rewarded points. The customers can redeem points for other products.

Recyclobekia team comprises of mostly students and it is commendable to see them run the show very efficiently.

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